Which is better.. Keyboard or Piano?

Real pianos are great but the one big drawback is you can’t turn the volume down so with a piano you tend to end up playing for the neighbours. With a keyboard you can stick on some headphones and play whatever turns you on – you can experiment, make mistakes and sound silly and play something a thousand times without driving other people nuts.


Ideally – have BOTH!

If you are buying a piano it is preferable to buy an overstrung piano not a straight strung! How to tell: Lift the top lid of the piano you should see the tuning pins at the top of the piano. If the tuning pins are evenly spaced along the pin block and the strings are all parallel and vertical this is a straight strung piano. If there is a group of tuning pins at the left and a separate group at the right and the strings cross over in a X shape this is an overstrung piano. Also get a tuner to check it out. I bought a piano once that needed to have the wood treated because all the pins (that tighten the strings) were coming loose very quickly after being tuned – disaster!
What Keyboard should you choose?


A lot depends on what you want. Do you want a keyboard that sounds and feels like a Piano – then you’re looking for a keyboard or Digital Piano with WEIGHTED keys. Listen carefully to the piano sound – don’t be bamboozled by all the other buttons. If you want something portable then you are looking for a keyboard. Personally I would still look for one with weighted keys – I hate the feel of light plastic keys.

Get a keyboard with at least 61 keys – anything less and you will be craving for more keys after a few days. Also make sure get a sustain pedal, a keyboard is absolutely a dead thing without one. Without a sustain pedal as soon as you lift your finger off a key the sound stops dead – with a piano at least the strings vibrate for a second or two – the difference is quite noticeable.

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How I Learned To Play The Piano

Piano is a great instrument to start with your music carrier or as a hobby. I just can’t live without music. Due to some family issue
I was unable to learn music in my childhood. I grew up with my mom and we used to keep moving from one place to other because
of her job which was very unfortunate for me to learn music. Although i started searching for online lesson on music and I found it useful to at least start learning. In carson city I made some friends and one of them was Lisa and she was a pianist. I was so fortunate at that  point. She was so well trained that she would play any song in different styles. The co-ordination of her hands with foot and the brain was something I just wished to have. I requested lisa to teach me piano so that one day I could play like her. She told me she’s playing piano for just 2 years now, i was shocked. Another shocking thing she told me that she bought an online piano course and I was like Hell No! you’re kidding me it’s not at all possible. She wasn’t kidding there I ordered the same course the same day and it was something what I  wanted. The lessons were in the form of videos and audios and the theory was covered by ebooks. Within a couple of weeks i was able to  form scales and play chords with ease. I was very happy and satisfied by the lessons. All thanks to lisa, she’s just a fallen angel for me and  my best friend.

Teach yourself piano
Me and lisa playing piano

If you are one of the person like me who wants to learn music/piano you are at the right place to get helped. In my experience anyone can
learn piano with the course I’m going to recommend. Yes! It is possible to learn music this way believe me.
Here’s my recommendation


Piano for all is one of the oldest piano course online since 2006, most popular and respected course available on the web.
Piano for all is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method.

Piano For All
Piano For All

11 Benefits of Piano for all:

a) Can be accessed through any devices : phones, tablets etc
b) The entire package  consists of ebooks (pdf), audios & videos.
c) Learn to read musical notes, form scales
d) Play by ear
e) All type of genres covered ex. classical, jazz, blues, pop
f) Consists on important tips and tricks to help you sound better and better
g) Easy to follow
h) Over 600 pages of eBooks, 200 videos, 500 audio lessons covers entire piano theory
i) DVD’S available
j) Payment is totally secured as the website is verified by VERISIGN
k) 60 days money back  guaranteed!

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Piano For All is a very good course to start with, affordable, easy to fallow. I highly recommend you this course and i won’t bother
about the many course available out there, just waste of time and money. But if still you want to know about other products
Rocket Piano is one i know and it’s pretty much the same as Piano For All.


Rocket piano is also one of the great piano learning course out their. Rocket piano also give you access to many other things
which actually is of no use in learning piano but still they are offering it.

rocket piano
rocket piano

Benefits of Rocket piano

a) A good teaching system
b) With Rocket Piano you’ll discover how to read music, how to improvise, how to play Jazz and Gospel, and how to play with the magic and “feel” of a professional.
c) easy to learn
d) Rocket Piano is jam-packed with quality information, including hundreds of sound files, pictures, diagrams, videos lessons
AND step-by-step instructions training you to read music
e) play by ear

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10 Benefits of Learning The Piano

1. Piano playing can increase cognitive development.
2. Piano playing increases co-ordination. Each hand must perform entirely different movements.
3. Piano playing help in increasing Discipline, patience, determination and perseverance.
4. Piano or I would say music can reduce anxiety and stress.
5. Piano playing can increase social participation.

Benefits of learning piano
Benefits of learning piano

6. Strong neural connections.

7. Better information processing.

8. Higher IQ.

9. Better memory & attention.

10. More grey matter.

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Why Piano?

teach yourself piano
teach yourself piano

Scientifically it has been found that learning piano helps individual to keep their brain active and sharp. Piano playing can affect your way of living as an adults or as children. Piano playing  can also lead to internal piece in our busy life. However, the key benefits of piano learing are non-musical.

Piano playing helps in the co-ordination of both mind and muscles. Beside the sheer joy and deep satisfaction of playing a piano, you and your children can enjoy significant scientifically proven neurological benefits.

Actual physical and mental increases  your brain’s memory capacity. Dramatic improvement in math, reading and comprehensive skills. Coordinated multitasking of playing piano refines your time management and organizational skills at a primary level. Affects both sides of brain, especially coordination of both left and right hemisphere because of the high density of nerves in hands. Sharpens concentration, attention to details and discipline to stick to a task or song. 

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Learn to play piano the easiest way possible